Maybe a simple girl with a so complicated mind... Maybe a lazy fighter... Maybe a lover without someone who love to.

lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012

It's only you who must decide the limits.

It's just you who decide what you want. What's good for you. Or what you fancy doing. 
Life is too short to let other people choose who you have to be with, what or where you wanna stay...

We are free. Free to make decisions and mature enough to accept the consequences. If what I've chosen is not you, it's my choice. I'll take on consequences. 

Life is about steps. Maybe my step is higher that yours, or maybe lower, who knows. Our energies are not the same. We don't share the same feelings, likes or whatever. We have change. Maybe I have, but this is reality. This is the real life. 

Change doesn't mean hate. As my dear Whitney said: 'I will always love you'.

This is not a 'good bye', this is a 'see you soon'. I need to clear my mind. 

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